Brenden, a student barista at Switchback Computer Cafe, has just earned a job at local coffee shop Rosie’s Mountain Coffee House! Congratulations to Brenden!

Before being hired,¬†Brenden was asked about the kind of equipment he has worked on and his experience with coffee making. Thanks to his access to our new, industry-recognized coffee and espresso equipment, Brenden was able to demonstrate industry experience and be recognized for his skills. Additionally, Rosie’s was very pleasantly surprised¬†when they found out that Brenden already has his food handler’s license, thanks to his training at Switchback! We are so excited for Brenden and thankful that his training and experience at Switchback has helped him earn a valuable job in our community.

Good luck, Brenden! We are so proud of you!


**Check out the gallery below to see some photos of Brenden in action!