Congratulations to Sophie Damon and Colton Craigmyle, the new manager and assistant manager for Switchback for the school year of 2017-2018! We are so excited for these two on this adventure in their senior year!

Sophie will be the manager in charge of operations, and Colton will help Sophie with operations support as the assistant manager.

This will be Sophie’s 4th year helping with Switchback. She wants to one day be a nurse, and she is very kind and loves helping others. She has always been willing to help out wherever needed, and we’re excited that she can continue to do so as Switchback’s manager.

Colton is a business student who hopes to one day run his own business. Colton has demonstrated a willingness to take on any task given. He is helpful, friendly and kind.

Heads up! Switchback is looking to fill out its team for the coming school year! Students must be in the 9th-12th grade to be eligible. Students have to apply and be interviewed to be considered for a position at Switchback.